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In memory of Wouter Nolet

A greatly respected International Health colleague has passed away on November 23rd 2019. So sad for so many people. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends. Wouter will be missed.



In memory of Jan Rijcken

He passed away on November 21st 2019. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Jan – Velen gaan – Weinigen blijven – Een leven lang – Zoals jij – Je probeert – wat na te laten – Maar bent na enige tijd – toch weer vergeten – De waarlijk groten – leven voort – In de naam van hun – vinding – En de geest van de leerling – Aimabel en groots – Goede vriend – Rust zacht

in memory Jan Rijcken 2019




13 December 2019
Symposium on Innovation for Global Surgery

Where: TU Delft, the Netherlands
We organize a full day with inspiring talks from surgeons and biomedical engineers working on the African continent, presentations of student projects in various settings and enterprises working on surgical equipment to increase access to global surgery. There will be various opportunities to broaden your network in the field of global health. For students there will be the opportunity to look for internships and graduation projects.

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20-24 July 2020
Summer School Global Surgery

A unique summer school emphasizing the essentials of surgical care with a world wide perspective.
Where: University medical center Utrecht, the Netherlands.
For whom: surgical residents, clinical officers, residents in international health and tropical medicine, medical doctors and medical students with an interest in global surgery.

summerschool 2020