Who we are

 The Netherlands Society for International Surgery (NSIS) started as one of the working parties of the Netherlands Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health (NVTG). The society is also part of the Netherlands Society for Surgery (NVVH). Members of the NSIS are surgical specialists and surgeons in training with special interest and experience in surgery in low resource settings. Most of them worked at least for a couple of years in a low or middle income country as a surgeon or medical officer. Many of the members contribute to surgical care in low and middle income countries by performing and teaching surgery.

The board cooperates with the international organisations like the WHO, the G4-Alliance, SurgeonsOverSeas, the German Society for Tropical Surgery and the International Federation for Rural Surgeons.

The board:

  • Chair: Roeland Voorhoeve

  • Vice chair: Marije Gordinou de Gouberville

  • Secretary: Peter Reemst

  • Vice secretary: Ellen Reuling

  • Treasurer: Rinse Meester

  • Matthijs Botman (representatieve in the board of the G4 Alliance)

  • Kees Broertjes

  • Eva Stortelder

  • Jurre van Kesteren

  • Jonathan Vas Nunes

  • Thom Hendriks


Link to the NSIS articles of association: statuten NSIS.

Link to yearly report 2013: Jaarverslag_Werkgroep_Tropische_Chirurgie_2013

Link to yearly report 2014: Jaarverslag 2014

Link to yearly report 2015: Jaarverslag NSIS 2015 website

Link to yearly report 2016:  jaarverslag-NSIS-2016.pdf


The NSIS is registered in the Netherlands: Number 60494166 at the Chamber of Commerce .

Address: Molenstraat 37, 3764 TC Soest, Netherlands.

Email: surgicalneed@gmail.com

KvK Nr. 60494166 ANBI status confirmed

Address: molenstraat 37, 3764 TC Soest

Phone: 0031-(0)616076494

Name of Bank Account: Werkgroep Tropische Chirurgie

IBAN: NL78 INGB 0006 0979 76