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To make it possible for speakers (especially coming from low -and middle- income countries) to come to our symposium we will show abstracts of what they would like to present here on this page.  What could be done to improve surgical care according to their experiences? What would be the role of western consultants?

Individuals and organizations are invited to support the speakers.  This will help us to pay the travel expenses and their stay in Amsterdam during the weekend of the symposium.

We will also organize an introduction to a hospital in the Netherlands for interested speakers to give them the opportunity to get an idea of the differences in health care systems and the surgical need between their own country and ours. They might stay a couple of days more before or after the event.

Sponsoring of one speaker will cost about 1500 – 2500 euro depending on where he/she comes from.

If you or your organization want to Support a Speaker it is possible to take care of the whole amount for a speaker or to contribute a smaller amount. We provide both visible sponsorship and the possibility for an anonymous donation.

The first abstracts are available now:

Fred Hafasha, Uganda

Edna Adan and Dr. Mrs. Shukri, Somaliland

Dr. Lule and Dr. Nolens, Uganda

Dr Asrat Mengiste, Kenia

Dr Sutrisno, Indonesia

Dr Nuwas, Tanzania

Dr Lungu, Malawi

Dr. Gudugbe, Ghana

Dr. Kruip, Mexico

Dr. Korpisa, Ghana


Please contact us if you are interested:

We will be happy to provide further information!